More Than Words…

I am telling this story because previous students have gotten a kick out of it, and I think lots of you may have had similar experiences….

As a teenager, I thrived on those emotional, hormonal moments that all teenagers experience, where someone wronged me, something didn’t go my way, or I felt such intense happiness about something. The words just poured out of me, as a consequence, and they would usually take the form of poetry.

Some of my classes (if they’re lucky!) get to see THE BLACK NOTEBOOK. This is the little book that held my writing, doodles, inspirations, and dreams in it. If a situation called for it, I would shut my bedroom door, light some candles, play some heartbreaking music, wait for the tears to spring to my eyes, and just write about whatever my heart was exploring in that moment. The sadder the song, the greater the emotion that poured out of me. So cliche but a necessary part of growing up for me.

Here are a few samples from back in the day. I laugh at these entries now, but have to appreciate the honesty with which they were written.


….in progress…..

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