Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade  (hot tips to do well in class!)

1. Ask lots of questions. Never leave a question unanswered.

2. Pay attention in class. Once the bell rings, clear your head of any distractions and keep up with the teacher and the class. If this means you need to sit near the front, let the teacher know so that he or she can change the seating arrangement.

3. At various points throughout class, quickly try to summarize in your head what’s been discussed up to that point and make note of anything you need to clarify with the teacher.

4. Make sure you understand why you received a particular mark on each assignment. Make sure you know what your strengths are (so you can keep doing them), and what your weaknesses are (so you can eliminate them next time). 

5. Attend extra help sessions and make sure you have an action plan for your goals in the class. Always strive for about 5% higher than the mark you’d be happy with, just to leave room for any mishaps.

6. If you’re away from class, find out what you missed before you return to class.





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