Must Love Lists

Are you a ‘list’ person? I am. Everywhere I look, whether at home or at work, lists run my life…grocery shopping lists, to do lists, to fix lists….you name it. Here are a few lists you can make for yourself in case you’re a list person, too! Writing lists is a terrific form of writing….so write away!

1. List the cities you plan to visit.

2. List the countries you hope to go to.

3. List outdoor adventures you want to have.

4. List your dream jobs.

5. List the things you want to accomplish.

6. List things to do when you’re retired.

7. List habits to break.

8. List things you’d love to be knowledgeable about.

9. List films you’d like to see one day.

10. List moments in your life you don’t want to forget.

11. List TV series to see.

12. List activities you’d like to do during future winters and summers. 

13. List environmentally friendly habits you need to start.

14. List good deeds you should start doing.

15. List changes you wish for the world.

16. List world events you would have liked to attend.

17. List things to do when you’re feeling down.

18. List terrific halloween costume ideas.

19. List mistakes to not repeat in the future.

20. List things you hope to receive one day.

21. List qualities you want to have as a parent or godparent.

22. List what you’d do with an enormous amount of money.

23. List supernatural or miraculous experiences you’d love to have.

24. List fun things to do with kids.

25. List people you would love to meet.

26. List desirable qualities to find in significant others and friends.

27. List what you’d like to do for future birthdays.

28. List fictional characters you’d love to hang out with.

29. List details about your family for future generations.

30. List what your perfect home would entail.

31. List gift ideas for future giving.

32. List who to find in heaven.

33. List people not to lose touch with.

34. List some things to be less lazy about.

35. List people you’d seek out at future high school reunions.

36. List where you see yourself in five years, ten years, and twenty years.

37. List what you hope they say about you at your funeral.


Ideas taken from My Future Listography: All I Hope To Do In Lists (Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 2011)

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