English 10


ENGLISH 10 Course Outline 2014-15

ENGLISH 10 Classroom Expectations.2014-15docx

BC Ministry Information:

  • Grade 10 English Provincial Examination Specifications, including a description of the examination, scoring guides, examinable terms and devices, reading categories, and sample exams:


  • English Examinable Terms (St. Thomas Aquinas) — A link to a Scope and Sequence of BC Ministry Literary Devices that are provincially examinable. Terms, Examples, and Definitions are provided:




Thursday, January 22nd:

  • Study for midterm (tomorrow)!

Tuesday, January 20th:

  • Review for midterm

Friday, January 16th:

  • Begin reviewing for midterm (next Friday)

Wednesday, January 14th:

  • Synthesis outline: Which speaker has a more realistic view on love, the speaker in “Sonnet 73” or the speaker in “How Do I Love Thee?”
  • Synthesis/Poetry Test next class (Friday)

Monday, January 12th:

  • Synthesis outline: Compare and contrast the effects parents have on their children in “To a Daughter Leaving Home” and “I Still Hear the Bell Ringing”

Thursday, January 8th:

  • Compare and contrast the relationships teachers have with their students in “Students” and “Crow Lake” (SYNTHESIS response)

Tuesday, January 6th:

  • No homework.

Friday, December 19th:

  • No homework. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17th:

  • Quiz next class!

Monday, December 15th:

  • Quiz on poetic devices Fri. Dec. 19th
  • Draw Venn diagram comparing and contrasting “The Road Not Taken” and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Thursday, December 11th:

  • Finish 3-reading worksheet on “The Road Not Taken”

Tuesday, December 9th:

  • Poetry Sounds worksheet.

Friday, December 5th:

  • Finish Acrostic Poem about yourself.

Wednesday, December 3rd:

  • No homework.

Monday, December 1st:

  • Speech Presentations continued next class. In-class composition (RE-DO) next class.

Thursday, November 27th:

  • Speech Presentations continued next class.

Monday, November 24th:

  • Finish Speech Draft #3. Presentations begin next class.

Thursday, November 20th:

  • Finish Speech Draft #2.

Tuesday, November 18th:

  • Finish Speech Draft #1.

Friday, November 14th:

  • Brainstorm and outline of speech due next class.

Wednesday, November 12th:

  • In-class composition next class.
  • Begin brainstorm and outline of speech.

Thursday, November 6th:

  • Finish practice composition (Each generation has something valuable to offer).

Tuesday, November 4th:

  • No homework.

Friday, October 31st:

  • STICKBOY reflection due Tuesday the 4th.

Wednesday, October 29th:

  • STICKBOY reflection due Tuesday the 4th.

Monday, October 27th:

  • No homework. Fieldtrip next class (Wed Oct 29th)

Wednesday, October 22nd:

  • Study for your unit test (next class, on Monday, October 27th)

Monday, October 20th:

  • Sentence Expansion/Topic Sentence/3 point development worksheet
  • Paragraph outline and WRITTEN PARAGRAPH on “All the Troubles of the World” — topic: Computer technology is destroying the fabric of our society. You may agree or disagree.

Thursday, October 16th:

  • “The Metaphor” teacher assignment due Monday! Type up rough copy and hand in next class. You are NOT allowed to edit too much; just type up your rough copy and hand in.

Tuesday, October 14th;

  • No homework. We’ll continue the in-class teacher assignment next class.

Thursday, October 9th:

  • Brainstorm and select the ‘teacher-figure’ you want to write about for your teacher assignment.

Monday, October 6th:

  • One-page journal entry (single-spaced): What are the troubles of the world today? Due Thursday the 9th.

Thursday, October 2nd:

  • Finish your Literature Circle findings to bring to your group next class for presentations.

Tuesday, September 30th:

  • No homework.

Friday, September 26th:

  • Complete the pink and blue sheets for “The Possibility of Evil” Press Conference.

Wednesday, September 24th:

  • No homework.

Thursday, September 18th:

  • No homework

Tuesday, September 16th:

  • “Boys and Girls” Worksheet and Journal Entry. Due Sept 18th.

Friday, September 12th:

  • No homework

Wednesday, September 10th:

  • No homework

Monday, September 8th:

  • No homework

Thursday, September 4th:

  • Labeled dividers due Mon Sept 8th
  • Parent signature due Mon Sept 8th
  • Finish reading “A Girl’s Story” and highlight or underline any tips or pointers the writer gives about writing — due Mon Sept 8th

Wednesday, September 3rd:

  • Bring a novel to class tomorrow
  • Labeled dividers due Mon Sept 8th
  • Parent signature due Mon Sept 8th

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